After R 2.15, R release cycle falls into annual release instead of semi-annual release cycle, at the same time, Bioconductor project still follows semi-annual release cycle. So now you can install both released and developmental version for the same version of R.

In your R session, please run following code to install released version of ggbio, but if you are using developmental version of R, you will get developmental version of ggbio automatically. Because what you get depends on the bioconductor installer, which is implemented in package BiocInstaller and its version decides which version of Bioconductor you got.

To check homepage on bioconductor

Bioconductor 2.11 (released): ggbio

Bioconductor 2.12 (developmental): ggbio


After you run the code above, next time if you wish to install something new from Bioconductor, you can simply run


Or you can check all released bioc packages here.

To install developmental version, run


For developers, please you can find latest source code in bioc svn, username and password are all "readonly"(without quotes).