Documentation in this page is for ggbio in devel-branch which will be come released branch after Oct 3rd.

All the following documentation are reproducible, they are all generatd from codes by knitr package.


This manual is basically R help for ggbio, I am using knit to parse all my rd files and this will automatically dump htmls for all the manual. This is a good complement to the vignette, and especially provide enough detailed usage for many components, such as geom, stat, theme, etc. This is a help page with graphics! May not be important for other packages, but critical for visualization packages like ggbio.


vignette is a better way to make a full tutorial with more case studies and illustration, a pdf file will be provided soon and will be shown on bioconductor's website.

Released, bioconductor 2.11(pdf download)


Provisional PDF is provided at Genome Biology here, this is a good way to understand the framework we proposed about genomic data visualziation and about extended grammar of graphics. Citation is is shown in homepage.


When you read these slides, please pay attention to the date, some API may changes overtime, please always use vignette and manual as current standard.


Tengfei Yin @ biovis 2012